Stemming from an old family vine grower native of Santenay, Louis NIE acquired, in 1889,

Domain of CLOSED BELLEFOND, who remains today still a family domain.

Situated in the South of the Coast of Beaune, to Santenay, wine-making, tourist and thermal city,

Domain exploits exclusively naming villages and Premier Crus on finages

On these grounds geologically varied by the Coast of Beaune, Pinot noir and Chardonnay,

used in mono-vine, allow the vinificateur to express perfectly the typicality of wines.

Faithful to the Burgundian traditions and without caring about latest fads, later a manual

harvest in the rigorous sorting, the wine makings take place tanks of oak there, opened and

under sieves, during about ten days. Wines are then brought up in barrels, during a period

from 18 to 20 months according to the power of the vintage ; bottled then kept in our cellars

until their expedition.
Clos Bellefond in 1900